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Mike and Geoff dive into real time games. What design techniques work for this mechanism? What does it do to the player experience?

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In this classic GameTek Geoff continues his exploration of thermodynamics by talking about Statistical Mechanics and what it tells us about the world.

Duration: 7:05

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Mike and Geoff are thrilled to welcome guest Mark Herman to the program. Mark is the designer of a slew of games, including the first Card Driven Game (CDG) We The People. His latest design is Churchill.

However the focus of our conversation is on Mark's work designing and executing simulations for the military and businesses, to test out their assumptions and strategies. He details these in his book Wargaming For Leaders.

Duration 1:16:59

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In this classic GameTek, Geoff looks at the scientific concept of entropy.

Duration: 5:32

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