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In this classic GameTek episode from 2007 Geoff talks about Multitouch Tables like the Microsoft Surface, and the role they may play in the future of boardgames.

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In this episode, Ryan and Geoff discuss the difference between strategy and tactics, and the different forms that strategy can take in games.

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What, another Ludology episode already?

In episode 3, Catch The Leader, Ryan and Geoff both opined that the turn order mechanic in Power Grid diminishes the overall experience.  This prompted a lot of passionate debate in the forums.

For this bonus episode, we are joined by listener and poster Tim Koppang, who defends this Catch the Leader mechanic as integral to the Power Grid experience, and essential to gameplay.

Episode 4 will be posted as scheduled, on March 20.

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Here is the next classic GameTek episode. This is on one of Tom Vasel's favorite topics - reviews!

This is purely 'bonus' content, and we will still be keeping to our regular two week release schedule.

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In this episode, Ryan and Geoff begin their series on balance.  First up: Catch The Leader.

What exactly is Catch The Leader? When is it needed, if ever? When does it work and when doesn't it?

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