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Ryan and Geoff tackle some more listener questions in the aptly named 'Listener Spectacular 2'.

Duration: 55:57

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In this classic GameTek, Geoff takes a look at rules. Can you learn everything there is to know about a game just by reading the rules?

Duration: 07:00

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Ryan and Geoff are joined by special guest Giles Pritchard to discuss the use of games in the classroom. Both Ryan and Giles teach kids ages 8-11, and have extensively used games to augment the traditional curriculum.

Geoff has taught no one, and is happy to moderate and share embarassing stories about his childhood.

In addition, Ryan discusses his new venture Games Teach, which is designed to spread the use of games by creative teachers, and is launching on Kickstarter on September 18th.

Duration 1:22

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Ryan and Geoff continue brainstorming on Trading in the Mediterranean, trying to zero in on how different types of governments and social factors can be incorporated into the design.

Duration: 28:00

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After a brief summer break, the Ludology team is back!

In this episode, Ryan and Geoff discuss Roll and Move games, including their history, what they do well, and what they do poorly. What attempts have been made to bring roll and move into the modern era? What has worked and what hasn't? Is there a place for roll and move in the game designer's toolbox?

Duration: 1:14:00

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