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During BGG.CON 2015, Mike asked several publishers the same question:

How do you decide what games you want to publish?

With the myriad of pitches and submissions that publishers receive, it is vital for designers to understand what attracts someone's eye.

Publishers interviewed:

  • Stronghold Games
  • Dice Hate Me / Greater Than Games
  • R&R Games
  • Portal Games
  • Arcane Wonders
  • Crash Games
  • Gamelyn Games
  • ZMan Games

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New Content! Geoff interviews Barry Joseph and Eric Teo about the game Gutsy. Barry is the Associate Director of Digital Learning at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, and as part of a new exhibit on the human microbiome the team at AMNH worked with Eric Teo, to develop the card game Gutsy.

Many of you know Eric Teo as the host of the Push Ur Luck Podcast, and he is also a graduate student studying game design at the NYU Game Center.

Why do a card game? What do they hope to teach, and what other roles do games have to augment museum exhibits?

A Print & Play copy of Gutsy can be downloaded at the AMNH website!

Duration 25:45

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Mike and Geoff take a look at "Take That" games. When does this mechanic work, and when does it fail?

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In this classic GameTek, Geoff talks about the revolutionary studies about the human microbiome, and what that can teach us about playing and designing games.

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What changes are usually made between a first and second edition of a game? And what does that teach us about the design process?

Mike and Geoff are joined by guest Paul Grogan, who was heavily involved in the new edition of Through The Ages with CGE, to examine these questions.

And since we're talking about Through The Ages, we had to invite Ryan Sturm to come back for an encore visit to the program.

Duration 01:21:00

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