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Sep 20, 2020

Emma and Gil welcome game designer, developer, solo mode designer, and self-described "grump" Dávid Turczi to the show. We discuss the design of complex games with many interlocking systems, how to play with time in games, and the six (plus one) things Dávid looks for in a strategy board game.


1m18s - Battlestar Galactica
2m03s - Dávid's game [redacted] (yes, that's the name of the game)
2m34s - Trickerion, published by Mindclash Games
3m01s - Dávid's game Anachrony
4m36s - Dávid's games Kitchen Rush and Dice Settlers
8m32s - Splendor, Century: Spice Road, Gizmos
9m05s - Azul
11m40s - Dice Settlers' expansion is Dice Settlers: Western Sea
14m17s - For some outstanding Martin Wallace loan mechanisms, check out Age of Steam, Brass, and London.
15m24s - Agricola
15m43s - The "Taschini method" refers to Daniele Tascini, co-designer of Tzolk'in, Teotihuacan, and The Voyages of Marco Polo.
20m22s - The Gallerist, Cloudspire
21m15s - Vital Lacerda is the designer of The Gallerist, Vinhos, and Kanban
21m43s - Mac Gerts is the designer of Concordia, Navegador, and other clever rondel games.
22m00s - Dávid's new game Perseverance
22m48s - Arkwright
24m00s - Dávid's new game Tekhenu
27m39s - Dávid's new games Tawantinsuyu and Rome & Roll
32m05s - Viticulture
35m13s - Dávid is referring to scoring using a triangular sequence, which many board games adopt as a gentler alternative to the harsh slope of exponential scoring. 
37m13s - Black Angel
38m05s - Dávid's criteria for games he likes, 1/6: Narrative integration, or the fiction/action rule.
38m39s - Dávid's criteria for games he likes, 2/6: Elegance, or depth/rules ratio.
39m07s - Dávid's criteria for games he likes, 3/6: Strategic curve.
39m19s - Orléans
39m52s - Dávid's criteria for games he likes, 4/6: Replayability.
40m30s - Dávid's criteria for games he likes, 5/6: Achievement.
43m00s - Dávid's criteria for games he likes, 6/6: Interaction.
44m27s - Terra Mystica
48m12s - David's criteria for games he likes, 7/6: Uniqueness
55m38s - Tapestry
55m48s - David's solo modes - Teotihuacan, Keyper, Cerebria. If you want to hear more about designing solo modes for games, check out our episode with Morten Monrad Pedersen, Ludology 154 - Leave Me Alone!
1h01m49s - Trismegistus
1h03m36s - A Feast for Odin
1h05m32s - Petrichor
1h06m16s - John Brieger is an excellent developer. Heiko Günther is the best graphic designer (Gil may be a bit biased here, though)
1h09m11s - High Rise (Gil is blushing right now!)
1h09m30s - Glen More, Kraftwagen (Dávid named a seminal German electronic band instead), Tokaido, Tzolk'in
1h10m08s - Tutenkhamen
1h15m33s - Budapest: Days of Ire
1h17m43s - Excavation Earth
1h18m35s - Pocket Dragon
1h19m34s - Steal This Game!
1h20m40s - David Mortimer - Cousins' War, Ming Voyages
1h23m49s - Dávid's BGG profile
1h24m16s - Imperium: Classics and Imperium: Legends