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Apr 19, 2020

Emma and Gil welcome Anya Combs and Luke Crane from Kickstarter to discuss how crowdfunding is changing, especially in light of recent events.

Anya:,, @anyayna
Luke: @burning_luke,

Note that this episode was recorded on March 25, 2020, so if we talk about things happening "a few weeks ago," we're referring to late February/early March. This wouldn't normally be an important detail, but things are changing a lot quickly these days.


0m00s: Playtest safely online with Gil and Emma!

1m28s: For those who have never heard it, the MC5's "Kick Out the Jams" set a template for punk rock's sound well before its time. (Explicit language warning) 

3m52s: More info about the Burning Wheel roleplaying system. 

8m32s: The original Alien Frontiers and Cards Against Humanity  projects. Both were modest successes. Double Fine Adventure, Wasteland 2, Shadowrun Returns, and Shenmue were much larger successes.

9m48s: The original Kingdom Death: Monster was a wild success, but the second edition was one of the largest Kickstarter Games campaigns ever run.

9m56s: We recorded this episode before Frosthaven launched. As of the time of this episode's release, it has raised over $7 million USD.

10m31s: Gil's Kickstarter projects are all visible here

12m39s: The Dispel Dice Kickstarter project.

17m23s: The F*** Yeah Dice Kickstarter project (Explicit language warning, of course).

16m56s: Itten made the unique game Stonehenge and the Sun. Oink and Bouken don't have any Kickstarter projects, but their games are worth your attention for their distinctive look and style. Luke also brings up Bouken's game Diet & Friends.

17m17s: W.M. Akers has a series of baseball simulators called Deadball.

18m23s: You can find Emma's weekly news show on Twitch every Friday at 2 pm Pacific.

20m00s: Here's the Fantastic Factories Kickstarter project. Here's the Kickstarter for Coloma, designed by Jonny Pac, who was on Ludology 221: The Pac Less Traveled

20m36s: Here's the Gladius Kickstarter project. 

21m51s: More info about the Skylanders video game, which discontinued support in 2017. 

24m42s: Here's the Multiverse Kickstarter project. (Incidentally, if you're interested in a platform similar to Multiverse, check out Roll20).

27m34s: More info about the Jackbox party games. 

28m20s: The Spaceteam Kickstarter project (Note that this is for the original video game, not the card game inspired by it).

30m10s: More info about Twine. We go more into detail about this platform in Ludology 217: What IF? 

30m43s: More info about AVOWEL, the mobile version of Wordsy. 

31m05s: The latest Chronicles of Crime Kickstarter. 

32m46s: Commands & Colors by Richard Borg is a family of outstanding light wargames that includes BattleLore and Memoir '44

34m33s: More information about Kickstarter's Make100 and ZineQuest initiatives.

43m16s: More information about the newest God of War game

43m36s: Animal Crossing! Hoo hoo! That's a link to more info about New Horizons, the newest game in the series. There's a lot of interesting discussion going on about the game and how timely it is, how its soothing imagery is perfect for the current times, and how it offers an escapist fantasy (literally escaping to a desert island) to people who are stuck at home.

47m13s: Ankh, the newest CMON game, is at over $1 million USD from about 14,000 backers at the time of this episode release. Tapeworm has not yet launched at the time of this episode release.

46m45s: Pax Pamir's most recent Kickstarter. It's from Cole Wehrle (and his brother Drew), whom you heard two weeks ago on Ludology 222: Johnny Fairplay.

47m06s: The Sea of Stars Kickstarter project, and the Swords 'n Magic and Stuff project.

52m34s: Anya performs in the Hungry March Band, the Funkrust Brass Band, and the Brooklyn Wind Symphony.

55m26s: Of course, Team Ludology does not subscribe to Luke's spicy hot take here, and we're pretty sure Rob Daviau has played D&D more than once. :) Rob was guest on Ludology 70: Risky Business. If you want to hear him GM, check out the actual play podcast Story Roost and its first story arc, The Unmarked. (Explicit language warning)


1h00m30s: OLDIE BINGO Kickstarter project.